” When a man is tired of London,he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford”

 Samuel Johnson

I love London for many reasons. It’s full to the brim of little popups , exciting exhibits and new things waiting for you to come and experience before it snaps closed like a venus fly trap to make space for something else. whether it be that mesmerising Salvador Dali piece in the Tate youv’e visited a dozen time but  just can’t get out of your head,the new coffee shop on the corner with the cozy armchairs and the super hot barista or having your FAVOURITE musician come to your part of the world and being invited to their private media only gig (Yes I’m still pinching myself ,it was fucking unreal) .You are guaranteed to find something you love,somewhere you fit.



This week i was finally able to make it down to the beautifully quaint Maltby street market. Nestled beneath beautiful 1830’s railway arches, just a hairs width from tower bridge, this food haven is an absoloute must visit for anyone who loves quality food and beverage without the overly inflated price tag which seems to be trending among london’s eateries .With make shift kitchens,open barbecue’s and the most rustic and inventive seating options,this is somewhere i could happily spend every Saturday morning.

Unlike many other food markets in London, M.S.T hasn’t yet been discovered by the hoards of tourists that frequent other markets like borough or the dreaded Camden. Being quite a limited space,they make sure to offer you the best of the bunch and with each stall offering something completely different from the last you’re truly spoilt for choice. Offering foods ranging from St John’s perfect sourdough loaves, African volcano’s Mozambique style food to the very popular Dhan taiwanese egg waffles doing its round on social media. With many of the traders owning spots in nearby borough market it offers them a quieter rest bite from boroughs immense footfall. Whether you’re just passing in need of a good coffee or spending a few hours catching up with the girls,over a glass of wine,Maltby street market promises to remind you why supporting local business is so rewarding.After all you really do reap what you sow.






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