I’m constantly on the look out for new and exciting places to enjoy food and this week I finally decide to visit the much-anticipated Dominique Ansel bakery. Nestled in the beautiful  quaint Belgravia,just a stones throw from Victoria station stand its only London bakery. With its sunny yellow canopy and classic whimsical interior,even the sternest calorie counter couldn’t resist popping in and enjoying one of their stunning creations.



Dominique Ansel is well know in the food industry,with a plethora of patisserie related accolades as well as having created the now world-renowned cronut (donut and croissant hybrid).

With an infectious hunger for creation Dominique manages to continually create these innovative cakes  and pastries which spread around social media like wildfire.With its original bakery opened in 2011 in New York’s soho, Dominique continues to expand his brand with another  two in NY’s west village, its “next generation bakery” in Tokyo,Japan and of course their London branch which was opened in 2016 with hundreds of people queing for a taste .

His famous frozen s’more is what brought me to the bakery and once there it was very clear why they are such a huge success. With one corner shelved with his cookbooks and beautiful vials of pastel coloured macaroons and pristine glass cabinets housing the most impossibly intricate little treats, its interior is just beautiful.

An open kitchen sits at its rear where you can see pastry chefs in their element and although I personally don’t enjoy being on display whilst working, i do see its appeal. who wouldn’t want to get a cheeky peak at behind the scenes of this well oiled machine?

Choosing what to taste wasn’t an easy decision,and after peering through the glass inspecting the enviable symmetry of their bakes I decided on a frozen s’more, a punnet of made to order baby Madeleine’s and their  liquid caramel peanut butter mouse cake. Topped with a glittery chocolate peanut shell, dressed  with liquid caramel creamaux icing  and filled with a fluffy peanut mousse,it’s very clear that Dominique know what he’s doing. The flavours bleed into one another seamlessly,its crisp puffed rice base adding another element of texture that mute’s its sweetness and stops it from being too sickly.

Peanut mousse cake

The frozen s’more was beautifully angular with a glistening sugar shell which cracked open once bitten to reveal its fluffy white mallow and a frozen ivory creamy core.


Lastly their classic french Madeleine’s  which seem somewhat out-of-place on its extravagant menu are just what you need if you don’t have much of a sweet tooth but still want something delicious.who in their right mind would turn down a warm freshly baked cake?img_6251



Whenever you get a chance, pop into their bakery, taste their amazing delights and tell them i sent you. I’ll get a life time’s supply of their cakes and you get to experience the magic that is Dominique Ansel. We both win!!!





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