“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if he has not eaten well. And where else can you eat well but Italy?”


As a lover of great food i am always in search of new culinary experiences and italy is undoubtably one of the best culinary destinations on earth.From pizza,pasta and risotto that touches every corner of the earth to lasagna,arancini and my beloved gelato, the gems that italian food has to offer are undoubtedly regarded, not just an indulgence but an art form.

“If you travel anywhere in italy,you’re guaranteed to eat well!”

every dish,however complex or simple has deep-rooted histories and traditions relating to its particular region.From the north’s polenta and gnocchi, the Amantriciana of Rome and the south’s Melanzane all Parmigiana,if you travel anywhere in italy,you’re guaranteed to eat well.

I decided to spend a few days in the nation’s capital, and explore what Lazio had to offer.After a brief two-hour flight I landed at Rome’s Fiumicino airport where a thirty minute drive took me the beautiful Hotel Morgana,located in a bustling part of town. Just  a stone’s throw away from termini station, hotel morgana  was a great option with many  different methods of transport readily available and most tourist locations within a thirty minute walking radius.


Rome has history on every corner, from the Colosseum to the many piazza’s dotted around town and being only a 25 minute walk away the colosseum was the first thing i wanted to explore. After a hearty breakfast washed down with my first coffee of the year (new years resolutions don’t count when you’re on holiday FYI) i set out to explore what Lazio had to offer.

“The moment that gelato touched my tongue,I absolutely understood”

The Colosseum and surrounding areas were gorgeous and it was really humbling to be in a place with such cultural and historical significance.


From there i took a walk to the Fontana di Trevi which is every bit as beautiful if not more than the pictures i captured. It was densely packed with tourists but did little to detract from the piazza’s beauty and grandeur. Walking down the may streets and alleys i stumbled across a beautiful store where i experienced my first taste of italian gelato. Being somewhat of an ice-cream connoisseur (self-appointed) i saw it my duty to sample the beautifully whipped  peaks of limoncello and tiramisu.

“Nothing but sheer willpower stopped me from going back for a third time”

Out of their 22 different flavours I managed to restrict myself to a mere six, from a fluffy white stracciatella a gorgeously deep extra dark chocolate and many others in between . The gelato was smooth,not too milky and most importantly its flavour was fresh and exactly what you’d expect from each description. I remember debating with an Italian chef at work when he commented ice cream flavours in the u.k were disappointing. The moment that gelato touched my tongue,i absolutely understood. Needless to say i visited this ice cream shop again the following day and nothing but sheer willpower stopped me from going back for a third time.

“I left with bulging bags of food and wine’s and a stomach full of grappa,local oils and truffles”

With a stomach full of ice cream ( I’m a lactose intolerant masochist) i decided in order to enjoy dinner i needed a long walk so with the advice of a friend born and raised in Rome i set off for the district of Trastevere, which i was promised to be full of quaint little restraints serving great food,away It’s name derives from the latin translation “beyond the Tiber” as geographically its situated to the right of the banks of the river Tiber,to the south of the Vatican city.

After and hour and a half ,and several wrong turns (thanks city mapper) i arrived with a craving of pasta like never before.The streets of Trastevere are like a maze of cute little cafe’s bars and restaurants and a really cool and relaxing place to spend an evening.

The following day I woke early and headed over to the piazza di Campo de Fiori which is Rome’s oldest market dating back to 1869 .Selling fresh flowers,vegetables,cheese, meats and more,campo de fiori is an absolute must visit for anyone coming to Rome and wanting to an authentic market experience.I left with bulging bags of food and wine’s and a stomach full of grappa,local oils and truffles.

I set off towards the spanish steps which i heard was quite a stunning sight and not very far away. The steps were built between 1723 and 1725 funded by french diplomat Etienne Gueffier and links the Spanish embassy and the Trinita dei Monti church. The Spanish steps have long  been considered  a meeting point and even now is constantly bursting with people dotted all over making it almost impossible to climb.


After spending only a few days in beautiful italy i am already planning my return visit.The way they regard food is unlike any other place i have ever been and i can’t wait to get more hands on in my next visit and learn the secrets of nona’s kitchen!





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