“The feeling of supreme blessedness”


For me, travelling is one of my most valued luxuries. To be able to step into another culture, to see things with fresh eyes is absolutely priceless.

A few months ago I took an impromptu trip to beautiful Thailand, in efforts to escape the claustrophobic lull of central London and to feed my brain with new and exciting experiences.Thailand is one of those places that unless you have been,you will never  be able to fathom its beauty.

“The ocean, the prettiest,clearest turquoise hue,perfect and pulsing with life”

The warmth of the weather permeates into the personalities of the locals.The jungles, abundant with the most luscious greens and flowers exhibiting every vibrant colour imaginable. The ocean, the prettiest,clearest turquoise hue,perfect and pulsing with life.Its near impossible to put into words the beauty of Thailand and its surrounding islands.

I chose to stay at the incredible Thavorn beach spa hotel and  resort in the heart of Phuket. There are many great places to stay in thailand but  if you’re looking for a luxurious relaxing break,phuket is the place.

     “Sun soaking into my soul,melanin multiplying”

Scrolling through the hotels photo’s it was clear the hotel was stunning, but it simply didn’t compare to what i saw when i arrived.Literally a palace in the jungle, with a lengthy private beach, and rooms amongst the mountains which were only accessible by a cable car journey through the dense pulsing jungle.


The room was just incredible,open and airy with with mahogany accents and the most amazing view from the large outside space equip with an amazing jacuzzi (YES PLEASE) and panoramic views of the gorgeous island.I’d happily live there forever! I spent many an evening covered in bubbles,under the star with the hum of the jungle soothing me.

The hotel grounds were peaceful and buzzing with life with an abundance of wild rabbits,stunning birds, frogs,peacocks,lizards roaming freely .

“…that was until a cheeky little monkey tried to snatch my iPhone!”

Surrounded  with miles of its own private beach,it was as close to perfection i had ever experienced.There was even the cutest little white pony, that was not a fan of being touched  at all ( I found out the hard way)

Phuket’s main town was only a 10 minute tuk tuk drive away(£2-£3) ,full of life and great food.If I’m honest the street food just wasn’t up to par with things even eaten in other parts of asia,but it was still incredible being able to taste new and exciting things.

Theres no faster way to get to know a new environment than to immerse yourself with the locals and do as they do. Phuket is known for its incredible seafood and that was apparent in the vast displays of lobsters, giant shrimp and many other species i couldn’t even recognise.

The fruit was incredible,sold on every corner, some sweet and sharp,creamy and smooth.I even managed to pick some up at the airport and bring back into the uk (sorry border control) Nothing like a taste of tropics back at home in london.

There are many things to do in thailand but it’s best to steer clear of animal related activities as the animals are likely being  drugged/miss treated. Im not a fan of zoo’s so the thought of taking selfies with a drugged up tiger made me feel physically and emotionally sick.

“…Inches away from you not giving you enough of a chance to do your best mermaid impression and get out of there QUICK”

I spent one of the hottest day on a yacht,zipping from one island to another, paradise after paradise (with wifi too!) sun soaking into my soul,melanin multiplying (I literally came back 6 shades darker).Early afternoon we ended up at a lagoon, surrounded By karst peaks with honestly the clearest bluest water. we spent hours diving off  the yacht into the abyss,again and again like kids on a slide.A moment i will never forget,another moment of complete beautuiude.

We also spent one of the most amazing yet anxious moments of my life, scuba diving in the middle of the ocean. Not only did the fish surrounding me make me feel a little anxious, but there was also the small* (Bloody huge) problem of jelly fish lurking around. Sods law that these stinging sacks of jelly are transparent,meaning you only realise their presence when they are inches away from you not giving you enough of a chance to do your best mermaid impression and get out of there QUICK!!!

“…aligning my chakras and jimmy over here is trying to live the thug life”

We also visited a place called monkey island and much like its name,there were monkeys everywhere. inundated with its beauty i too the chance to meditate,centre myself and really relax, that was until a cheeky little monkey tried to snatch my iPhone. CAN YOU IMAGINE? I’m literally just sitting  under the canopy of the jungle,the sea just a stones throw away,aligning my chakras and jimmy over here is trying to live the thug life.I love animals but can you imagine me phoning EE for a replacement because to got mugged my a bloody monkey!

A few days later we took a 3 hour journey south into (location) the jungle where we hiked to a waterfall. The most beautiful picturesque location you could imagine.As i was pumping myself to get into this pool full of fish (that could have been flesh eating piraña’s) the group of chinese tourists decided is was time to feed the hundreds of fish and the rush of fish around me scared me so much i fell in.GOOD TIMES,GOOD TIMES!

Thailand was my ultimate holiday of beatitude .The nature,the humidity and the feeling of complete blissfulness. If you’re in need of  a complete recharge and replenish,i would whole heartedly recommend this gorgeous cluster of islands.

And remember……make the most of today,because tomorrow isn’t promised.








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