Having heard many amazing things of meat and liquor,i jumped at the chance to go and experience it myself. oozing burgers,and cheesy chilli fries,it really didn’t take much convincing. tucked right behind selfridges just off oxford street,meat and liquor is truly one of londons hidden gems. situated beneath an open air carpark,theres no indications of the culinary delights that lie beneath.

A huge hive of activity,sharing tables and blasting music,its not hard to understand why so many flock here.with  the interior decorated like the inside of a french brothel,with deep reds and somewhere nestled between a  mural of bettie boops cleavage we sad town and begun to order, with a really basic and no frills menu i was very easy for me to make my choice.

i had the double cheese burger,chilli cheese fries(which are large enough to share if you must) and crispy deep fried pickles.


being an admirer of five guys i really hoped the burger would compare but it was simply the juiciest flavourful burger i had ever tasted. laced with lashings of their hippie sauce and gorgeous crispy bacon (my absolute weakness) i just threw myself in,only pausing to think of when i could make it back here again.

The fries, topped with a meaty beef chilli,oozing cheese and fresh and crisp jalapeno’s were the stuff dreams are made of. i just couldn’t get enough of the seemingly endless bowl.



although it was a work night,i decide to treat myself (something i do all to often) to a cheeky elderflower cocktail which really packed a punch  and for a large cocktail with a decent generous measure of liquor, was a steal at only £7.50 (I’ve lived in london for too long)

I would totally recommend anyone coming here and experiencing the buzz that the place has.Wether it be Chicken Liquor in brixton or Meat Market in covent garden,you a re really spoilt for choice.







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